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This position is a part time assistant position to the Music Academy Director. The position could easily grow to full time over time. Hours for part time are 4:00-8:30 M-Th and 4:00-6:30 Fri. We may hire multiple candidates to get candidates who can cover all the weekday lesson times as well as lessons on Saturdays 9 or 10 am to 3 or 4 PM. One candidate could cover all or two strong candidates could be hired to split the days and times. 

Pay rates will be separate for non instructional time and instructional time with higher pay for instructional time. The more students you teach in a group lesson, the higher the instructional pay rate. 

The ideal applicant will be an accomplished musician and teacher for Voice, Guitar, Piano, and Drums. We will prioritize candidates with Voice, Guitar, and Piano experience but the right drummer could also be a candidate. Any voice applicants must also be able to play/teach piano and/or guitar. The position might be split into two positions to cover all 4 disciplines effectively but one person would be ideal.

The bulk of our instruction is in a small group lesson setup in groups of 1-4 so skills teaching in a group environment are necessary. Very few private lessons are offered. The music studies focus on contemporary music played on the radio and streaming services. 

We would love to hire someone who will also audition for and be accepted to the Ketos Records Artist Development program for artists looking to launch or improve their careers as a recording / performing artist. This position is a great “extra money” position for an artist who is actively gigging on the weekends or an artist who is wanting to do so but needs an infrastructure to help.

This position has lots of upward mobility for a very self motivated individual especially for someone looking to build a career in the music industry. Access to our recording studio is a perk of the position. 

Necessary skills:

• strong organizational skills

• strong communication skills – communication with supervisor, students, and their families. 

• ability to teach all age levels 4 to adult. 

• fast learner – must be able to quickly adapt to the established teaching methods and equipment protocol.

• outgoing personality when working with people but completely comfortable working alone for hours at a time.

• very self motivated 

• fashion conscious – must dress like a musician in the modern commercial music industry is expected to dress

• tech savvy

• Strong photo, video, and social media skills on a phone. This position will capture material from lessons / events, create content, and post to the Ketos Creative Academy social media pages in coordination with the director of the music academy.

• Learn music VERY WELL by ear. The curriculum is all based on songs chosen by the students. The students submit a list of songs they would like to learn so the instructor must be able to learn to play a song nearly instantly to then be able to immediately teach it to the students. Learning the songs ahead of time is most often possible but not always. Most of the songs chosen are popular songs on the radio right now or within the last 5 years so being current on recent releases in all genres is a must. 

• equally comfortable teaching and performing. All instructors perform with their students and perform alone to be examples for the students so strong performance skills are necessary in addition to strong teaching skills. 

• applicant will be expected to provide support as a performer / live sound engineer / ticketing check in / stage hand, or any other position needed for Academy performances. 

• knowledge of the Nashville Number System

• strong music notation reading skills preferred but not required. Candidate hired will be expected to learn to read music notation to be assigned to intermediate / advanced students. We do not teach students to read music notation until they are very far down the road playing by ear. Most of our students are not reading sheet music yet so the candidate would have time to learn themselves before having to teach students months down the road. 

• basic working knowledge of live sound reinforcement (working with digital mixers) – instructors work the mixers during lessons

• basic working knowledge of the Behringer X32 / Midas M32 digital mixer operating system or comparable digital mixers

Software used:

• Logic Pro X

• Ableton Live 9/10

• Microsoft OneNote

Necessary Equipment:

• at least one Apple device iPhone, iPad, laptop (all rooms are outfitted with Apple TV to project screen to TV on the wall.)

• Laptop: Apple laptop preferred but not required. Two devices needed if you don’t have an Apple laptop; one to send sound to the mixer and the other to project on the wall. An apple laptop will do both. A PC laptop to send sound combined with an Apple iPhone to project on the wall has worked in the past. Or a combo of two other devices like a tablet and an iPhone.