Graphic Design

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In the KETOS Graphic Design lessons, you will learn the essential principles of design. You will:

  1. develop a brand for a fictional (or non-fictional) company.
  2. design the Logo for your company
  3. create business cards, letter head, brochures, t-shirts, and more.

A Basic working knowledge of how to use a computer is required for these lessons.

[tp_vc_service title=”Universal Design Principles” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-edit” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Learn the foundations of design.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”Adobe Illustrator ®” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-desktop” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator and how to use the software for design.[/tp_vc_service]
[tp_vc_service title=”Typography” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-keyboard” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Learn to choose and manipulate fonts.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”Adobe Photoshop ® / Lightroom ®” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-laptop” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop ® and Lightroom ®.[/tp_vc_service]
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Hands On, Project based curriculum


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