Reagan Paige

Reagan Paige is a once in a lifetime artist. Every song she sings becomes her own. She makes you believe it is hers even if it’s a cover. She sings with the passion of someone with a lifetime of experience yet she’s only 12. She is strikingly beautiful with a very high fashion sensibility. Her performances are so intimate and personal that you leave believing you know her even if you’ve never met her. Her voice is so familiar yet sounds like no one else. She is a genre defying artist who makes every song choice sound right. Her personality is absolutely endearing and welcoming. She has a heart of gold and a sincere love for people. Reagan Paige is an artist you should definitely keep your eyes on. She is a star. 

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is pink.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite foods are Salmon and chocolate.

Do you have any pets?

 I have one white cat named Daisy.

What is your favorite genre of music?

 Pop is my favorite type of music. 

When and how did your interest in music begin?

My interest in music started by singing in front of friends and family during family holidays. 

Who is your favorite music artist? Why?

 Taylor Swift is my favorite artist because I love her style and her songs! I especially love her country albums!

If you could perform on stage with anyone, who would it be? Why?

If given the chance, I would love to be able to perform with Taylor Swift.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Who do you most admire? Why

 I look up to my family because they are great role models and set good examples for me. I also look up to my friends because they are always there for me and help me when I need it. 

What are some of your interests/hobbies other than music?

When I am not singing or playing an instrument, I am riding horses, playing volleyball or softball in the backyard, making slime, collecting Breyer horses, or playing with friends and hanging out with family. 

What is something interesting about you?

 I became an aunt at the age of ten.

What qualities do you have that you believe are unique?

 I have excellent sight and great hearing. My mom says I have selective hearing though!

Have you ever received any prominent award or recognition for anything you've done? (music, art, academics, athletics, etc.)

 I have not accepted an award yet, but hopefully that will change!

Is there anything you would like everyone to know about you?

I am allergic to all nuts.

“bellyache” by Billie Eilish

“Bored” by Billie Eilish

“Clean” by Taylor Swift

“Clown” by Emile Sande

“Halo” by Madilyn Bailey

“Issue” by Julia Michaels

“Lost Stars” by Maroon 5

“Make You Feel My Love” by Adele

“Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga

“Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish

“Royals” by Lorde

“Say Something” by A Great Big World

“Six Feet Under” by Billie Eilish

“Someone Like You” by Adele

“SOS Overboard” by Joseph

“Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato

“Terrified” by Katherine McPhee

“The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson

“Wish I Didn’t Love You”

“Wish I Didn’t Love You” by Chloe Kohanski

“Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey

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