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Voice / Singing Lessons

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Ear Training

Voice / Singing Lessons in the Ketos Creative Music Academy focus heavily on Ear Training. To fast track your listening skills, our instructors use our curriculum “Music As a 2nd Language.”

Pitch, Rhythm, and Tone

We use songs that you choose so that you already have a head start on hearing properly. Additionally, this will also give you a head start with your repertoire of songs. Ketos voice instructors then use those songs to sharpen your ability to match PITCH, RHYTHM, and TONE..

Susequently, by studying master singers of your choice, we train you to hear in your head how you should sound. At the same time, we work to develop what makes your voice unique.

Range and Key

Through the songs you choose, you learn what your current range is. As a result, we train you how to change the key of a song to fit your range .

After learning Pitch, Rhythm, and Tone and your vocal range, we then wean you from singing with the singers. We remove the voice of the original singer so you are forced to sing alone.

Your next step after getting comfortable singing with karaoke tracks is to sing the songs live. You sing with a pianist or a guitarist in the key that best matches your voice.

Vocal Registers

Meanwhile, the next concept we focus on in Voice / Singing Lessons in the Ketos Creative Music Academy is VOCAL REGISTERS.

You learn the four vocal registers defined as:

1. Chest Voice
2. Head Voice
3. Mix Voice
4. Whistle Register

First, our instructors train you to identify when the four registers are used in the songs you have chosen. Then, they train you to execute them with your own voice. Later, we begin to define your Chest Voice and Head Voice. As soon as you have a good grasp on the difference between those two, we teach you Mix Voice.

We focus on Mix Voice.

The bulk of your intermediate and advanced studies will focus on the development and proficiency of your Mix Voice.

Finally, our instructors train you how to do Whistle Register. This is the sound made famous by artists such as Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey.

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