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Music Academy

The Premier Music Academy in DFW


• The Ketos Creative Music Academy is different than any other music academy in our area. Because of our close connection to the Ketos Creative Services department and Ketos Records, we have access to resources and opportunities that few music academies can match. We can (and have) truly take students from beginner to professional level all in one place. We have opportunities and training no matter what level you are at to help you get to the next level. 2 of the 3 artists signed to our record label, went through years of training at Ketos before getting recording contracts.

• We are uniquely equipped to train all students of all ages and backgrounds and experience levels.

• Our state of the art facility is MUCH bigger inside that it appears outside. We have 3400 sq ft of space that houses a room with 5 pianos / guitar stations / vocal stations for group voice, guitar, and piano training, a room with 4 drumsets for group drum training, a full service recording studio and a performance hall that seats 90+ fully equipped with sound and lighting for our students, our artists signed to our record label, and for any customer to rent for their own event.

• We offer:
4. ARTIST DEVELOPMENT (Label Supported)

• We firmly believe Small Group Lessons are the most effective way to train beginners. Playing with, seeing, and hearing other musicians is essential at the beginner stage. Many studios will put beginners immediately in bands before they have the minimum needed skills to do so. We use our Small Group Lessons to teach the skills necessary to function in a band before you are expected to hold your own as the only person of your type in a band.

The Ketos Educational Philosophy

• All of our music academy offerings are built around our “real world” approach that values experience over pedagogical dogma. We believe the old adage “those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” has come about because of the dominant educational philosophy in our culture that is curriculum based and “one size fits all.” No one can truly learn to do something just from learning exercises and following a book. An outline of needed skills is important and books help but nothing can replace the experience that comes from actually doing what you are studying. The best teachers in any field are professionals who have chosen to develop the skill and art of teaching yet have also achieved at the highest level of their field so they can walk students from beginner through professional level. “Hands On” real world training. Do it for real to learn to do it for real.

• Our curriculum “Music as a 2nd Language” is designed around this philosophy. We use information the students already know to learn music. For example, when a student needs to learn a rhythm from a song, instead of taking 6 weeks to teach the student the standard music counting system, we give them an English (or other language) phrase they can use like “Jump the Mushroom and fall down” that matches the rhythm needed. The student can immediately hear the rhythm in their head because they have been doing rhythm in language their whole lives which means they can immediately play it which equals more experience playing actual songs. Then, we slowly teach them the standard music counting system over time through the songs. Exactly like learning any other language. You start by translating from the language you already know. We take this approach to every single thing about our training program. We use information the students already know to help them “translate” into music until they can become fluent speaking the language of music and therefore think in that language.

Studio Membership Pricing

A Ketos Creative Academy Membership gets you:

  • 1. Priority scheduling (all membership sessions are booked before "package only" purchases.)
  • 2. Guaranteed instructor availability for 1 lesson per week (except on scheduled Academy closing dates)
  • 3. Free participation in Academy Showcase performances
  • • You CAN combine Membership lessons and Lesson Packages

See our FAQ for more detail

Private Lessons

  • 30 min - $225 mo.
  • 45 min - $275 mo.
  • 60 min - $335 mo.
  • $50 - one time studio membership fee
  • Membership buys priority scheduling and more!
  • One on One Instruction
  • Once a week lessons
  • Cost saving Lesson Packages available for add on lessons
$225 - 335month

Artist Development Program

(audition only)
  • 30 min - $375 mo.
  • 45 min - $440 mo.
  • 60 min - $500 mo.

Lesson Packages

You can “add on” to studio membership once a week lessons
OR buy individually in lieu of studio membership if you don’t want
to commit to once a week or want to come more than once a week.
(studio membership provides priority scheduling and more!)

See our FAQ for more detail

Academy Enrollment Instructions

Choose between Studio Membership or Lesson Packages

Studio Membership Enrollment Instructions

Use the "to the top" arrow in the bottom right to Navigate to the top and choose the Icon for your Lesson type

Click on your Icon type to navigate to enrollment for that lesson type

Choose the lesson type for which you would like to do a FREE TRIAL.

The Free Trial must be a 30 min option.
If you don't see the group option you need, schedule a Private Lesson trial.
If you decide to enroll, we will schedule a group session for the one you need and work to add other students to the group.

Enter coupon code FREE-TRIAL in the "Redeem Coupon or Package" Blue Button

Schedule your FREE TRIAL.

After your Trial lesson, if you wish to enroll, you will pay your Membership Fee and the Pro Rated Tuition for the current month.

Your Membership payment plan will be set for the 25th of each month to pay for the upcoming month of lessons.

If you would like to also purchase "add-on" Lesson Packages to supplement your membership, follow the "Lesson Packages Only" Instructions now.

If you have any difficulty booking your session or if you have any other questions:

Call us at 817-514-3858 or message us through the CONTACT page on this website.

“Lesson Packages Only” Instructions

Navigate to Lesson Packages to make your purchase:

Purchase your Lesson Package

Click on Schedule to book your sessions

You can now handle all scheduling through your account or return here to the website to schedule sessions.

If you have any difficulty booking your session or if you have any other questions:

Call us at 817-514-3858 or message us through the CONTACT page on this website.


Voice Lessons

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Guitar / Bass / Ukulele Lessons

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Piano Lessons

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Drum Lessons

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Returning Spring 2022!

During the pandemic, we had to shut down our performance bands program.
Good News! We are relaunching our performance bands in Fall 2023!

Ketos Records Artist Development Program

The Ketos Records Artist Development program is an “audition only” program that capitalizes on the business and production expertise of Ketos Records and the training expertise of the Ketos Creative Music Academy.

In the Ketos Records Artist Development Program, we custom build an individual training program for each artist to meet their needs. Our program includes training for the following areas to build each artists individual brand and more:

  1. Branding
  2. Music (Vocal and Instrumental)
  3. Performance (stage and video)
  4. Fashion
  5. Artist photo shoots
  6. Music videos
  7. Songwriting
  8. Music Production
  9. Video Production
  10. Social Media
  11. Entertainment Business (distribution, publishing, accounting, etc)

In addition to their own recordings as solo artists, each artist records and releases cover songs on all digital platforms under the artist name KETOS Blue (feat. Artist Name.) Instrumentalists who do not sing record instrumental parts for vocalists in the program.

Ketos Blue audio releases

Book an audition

• For the audition, prepare 3-4 songs that showcase who you are as an artist right now. If you have written any original songs, we would like to hear some of those but we also need to hear covers of songs by the artists you feel most closely fit you as an artist right now.

• The audition is a low stress affair where you showcase what you can currently do and we get a chance to get to know you and you get to know us. We are looking for potential and personality not perfection. If you were already perfect, you wouldn’t be seeking training and we understand this. You do not need an error free audition. You need an audition that makes a positive impression. Have fun with it!