Web Design

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In KETOS Web Design lessons, you will learn how to register your own domain and other basic set up topics. We will use WordPress to learn to build websites. (a paid subscription may be required)

Topics include:

  1. CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Visual Composer, and other web design tools.
  2. The goal of these lessons is to equip you with the tools necessary to begin building your own websites.
[tp_vc_service title=”Wordpress” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-desktop” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]74.6 million sites and counting.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”CSS and HTML” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-keyboard” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Cascading Style Sheets and Hypertext Markup Language.[/tp_vc_service]
[tp_vc_service title=”Javascript, PHP, Perl” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-code” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Basic intro to Javascript, PHP, and Perl.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”Domain registration, etc.” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”icon-cog” icon_style=”colored” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Set up your domain and other basic set up info[/tp_vc_service]
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Hands On, Project based curriculum


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